Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week of 2-20-12: 114 miles, 20k' gain.

Monday: 17 miles, 2500' gain, 2:35. Up and down City Creek Canyon, utilizing the trail rather than the road up until the trail ended, plus some more out front of the canyon. The road ended up being covered in snow entirely shortly after the road ended, so the whole in-canyon portion felt like a trail run. There was a semi-path blazed for the first bit of the snow-covered road part, but the top mile had no tracks whatsoever, so I got to blaze my way through snow that got up to literally waist deep in a few spots at the very top, which was very slow and VERY cold given that I never wear long pants (literally, my picture in the header of this blog is the only run in over 3 years during which I wore long pants). Fun!

Tuesday: 15 miles, 3000' gain, 2:10. Jcc to City Creek and back, pretty easy.

Wednesday: 16 miles, 3000' gain, 2:17. My building on campus to JCC to City Creek and back, also pretty easy.

Thursday: 10 miles, no gain, 1:04. Ran on a treadmill, kept it at a 2% decline so I could run a bit faster while having it feel easier on the legs. Ran the first 5 pretty easily in 33:30 or so, then decided to throw in a super fast (for me) quarter mile pickup at 13.5mph (4:27/mile pace). Unfortunately, I actually broke the treadmill doing this, so I had to move to the one next to it to finish the run. Kept it easy through 7 miles and then knocked off the last 3 in 5:57, 5:40, and 5:08. Felt pretty in control, though the next day when I had to go out for another long run, I kind of wished I had taken it super easy the whole time as planned.

Friday: 22 miles, 5500' gain, 3:12. My building on campus to JCC to City Creek, up the north side to the saddle, then left a bit from the saddle more to get to the highest point in that area, then back. Legs felt slightly rough in the final climb back out of city creek.

Saturday: 8 miles, no gain, 1:12. Run on roads, and, obviously, this was a super easy recovery run. I skied Snowbird earlier in the day and knew that I had to make that day's run all about recovery to get my legs fresh for Sunday.

Sunday: 26 miles, 6000' gain, 3:40. Jcc to City Creek, up to the north side saddle, along the shoreline trail from there to the low radio towers, then horseshoe back along the ridgeline to a bit past the highest radio towers, then all the way back. Legs actually felt quite good the whole time, which was a bit surprising.

Weekly total: 114 miles, 20,000' gain. I think my gain counts are slightly low for the JCC to City Creek and back runs, so the entire week's worth of gain is probably slightly higher than the listed 20,000'. Overall, this was a great week. I haven't done a good 100+ week in some time and I was originally only planning for somewhere in the 90s, but I felt good and just rolled with it.

For next week, I don't have an exact mileage number in mind, but I'm thinking it'll be slightly less in overall mileage (probably 100-110) with a longer long run.

Yes, I realize this is a big increase in mileage, but I felt 100% in control the whole week and did a great job of listening to my body, so I'm not worried.

Oh, and since the hip new thing for blogging trail runners to do is to post the music you've been listening to, this band has been in my playlist a lot this past week:

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