Monday, February 20, 2012

Week of 2-13-12

Monday: 7 miles, 500' gain, with Holly. 3 miles up City Creek Canyon with 500' gain, 23 min, 3 miles back down with 500' drop, 17 minutes, 1 mile cooldown.

Tuesday: 19 miles, 5000' gain, with Adrian Shipley. JCC to City Creek on Shoreline Trail, then up to the saddle in the ridgeline above city creek and back. 3:06 (so, easy-moderate). Pace was significantly slowed by copious amounts of mud, especially on the North Side of City Creek.

Wednesday: 10 miles, 2000' gain, 2 mile warmup around campus followed by JCC to 5-way and back, moderately hard on the way out, hard on the way back. 59 for the 8 miles with 2000' gain. Slowed by mud. Ran with the new New Balance MT00 and loved it.

Thursday: 16 miles, 3000' gain, Middle campus to JCC to city creek and back. 2:03, so moderate pace for this loop with a couple relatively serious climbs. Slowed by mud. New Balance MT00 again. Great shoe.

Friday: Off, letting legs recover for a big Saturday.

Saturday: 24 miles, 5500' gain, with Joe Dean. JCC to City Creek to ridgeline as on Tuesday, but then further through the south and west around the mountain and up to radio towers, then back. Took it out easy since Joe hasn't been training climbs like I have. Stuck together until we were nearing the 5-way on the way back, at which point I took off and ran moderately hard for the last 4.5 miles. Total time of 4:13. Very easy effort for all but the last 4.5 miles, overall slowed by mud once again. Ran this in the MT00 again and I think this will be my go to shoe from now on.

Sunday: Off, letting legs recover to hit another big day today (Monday) that I'm about to do since it's President's Day.

Total: 76 miles, 16000' gain. Not bad for only running 5 of the 7 days. If I hadn't been switching up the footwear, I wouldn't have taken any days off, but the MT00s are totally flat and I haven't worn a totally flat shoe in awhile, so I wanted to make sure I didn't overwork my calves. Overall, I'm pleased with the week and will be shooting for at least 15 more this next week.

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