Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week of 2-27-12: 94 miles, 18,500' gain.

Monday: Off. Was very tired after not getting enough sleep the night before and went to bed super early. Kind of disappointed, but made up for it throughout the week.

Tuesday: 13 miles, 2500' gain, 1:44. JCC to shortly before CC and back. Planned for 15, but didn't quite have time and had to turn around a little before the typical midpoint. With Adrian Shipley.

Wednesday: 17 miles, 2500' gain, 2:17. JCC to CC, 1.5 miles up the canyon, at which point it started hailing, despite the fact that the storm was supposed to be a few hours out still. Was running with Adrian Shipley and we both had shorts and thin jackets + 1 pair of gloves to share (ie, we each used one glove so that neither of us would completely die of frostbite). Not wanting to die, which was basically the theme of the 2nd half of the run, we turned around at this point (9 miles, 1 mile early of the 10 out we had planned to get an even 20). We went back to the bottom of CC and climbed up to the meadow above CC, at which point we were greeted by deafening 60-or-so mph winds and a snowfall that was getting more and more outrageous, ie not fun when the temps were around 15F. Not wanting to die far up on a mountain, we exited back down to the neighborhood and ran roads from there hoping to get wind blockage from houses. Unfortunately, the weather just got worse and worse, so with a little over a mile to go, I suggested that we stop at Shriner's Hospital to warm up our totally numb hands for a few minutes before finishing. We did so, and as soon as we left, we were greeted with a gust of wind so strong that it carried a big enough blanket in front of me that I momentarily could not even see my hands. Fun. Despite having warmed back up for 5 or so minutes, I instantly became numb in numerous digits again and finished the run with 3 numb fingers and 3 numb toes thanks to having soaked my shoes in mud earlier in the run. This run absolutely sucked.

Thursday: 21 miles, 3500' gain, 3:01. JCC to CC, 3 miles up CC, and back. Took it pretty easy. Ran by myself.

Friday: Off. Frustrating, but didn't get home until 10PM and had a long run planned for 9:30 AM on Saturday, so I decided to just go to bed.

Saturday: 37 miles, 10,000' gain (split 33 with 7500' gain in 5:23, then 4 miles with 2500' gain in 1:30-ish, didn't time the 2nd one). Started the day with 33 miles in tons and tons of deep snow with Adrian Shipley. Ran JCC to CC, the annoying long way (actually there really isn't a short way) up to the ridgeline, back along the winding path to the radio towers, back down to city creek, almost all the way up city creek canyon (turned around when the snow was knee deep without any sort of path near the top), back down to the bottom of CC, and back to JCC. Breakfast consisted of 2 Reese's eggs and my in-run nutrition consisted of 7 more reese's eggs plus about 40 ounces of gatorade and 8 or so ounces of water. Felt great all the way through and we actually ran the last mile at sub-6 pace to avoid getting passed by a particularly zealous women that wanted our scalps. Definitely encouraging to be able to pick it up that much at the end of a 5:23 effort, even if that effort was pretty easy the whole time. After this, I got a quick bite of food, went home for dry socks, then picked up Mark Lehmkuhle to go do a lap on the west side of Grandeur Peak with Jared Campbell on his 10-lap Grandeur day (a fundraiser for Breathe Utah). Unfortunately, Mark was on a time crunch and Jared was slightly behind the schedule Mark anticipated for him, so we only got up the false peak for 2500' of climb and 4 miles or so. This was one of the iciest runs I've ever experienced and the west side of the mountain is unbelievably steep in most parts, so I was a bit concerned about tumbling down the whole thing. Fortunately, this did not happen. Haha... Oh, and, importantly, legs felt completely normal on the 2nd run despite the long early effort and the nearly 7 hours of running for the day.

Sunday: 6 miles, roads, 55 minutes, no gain. Super easy recovery run since the legs felt slightly sore today.

Weekly totals: 94 miles, 18500' gain. Obviously I'm disappointed about missing Monday and Friday, but I'd say that 94 miles is a good week considering that I missed 2 days. I'm going to be more careful to not miss days in the future, if at all possible. I'm looking for a big week this next week, so we'll see what that entails. I'm planning to mix in some roads to prepare my feet for the hard slickrock at Moab 12 hour in a few weeks, so I should be able to get in substantially more mileage if I spend the same amount of time running.

Great music I listened to this past week (and one of the best music videos I've ever seen):

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