Monday, June 27, 2011

Last 3 weeks

I've apparently forgotten to post my updates for the past few weeks. I've had a couple bumps already getting back into things that have slowed the progression of mileage (a ridiculously annoying moving process, which really sucks when you drive a Honda Civic and can barely fit anything in your car, in addition to an ear infection)

Speaking of moving, my new place is in Olympus Cove, right between Mill Creek Canyon and Mt Olympus, so I have very quick access to Mill Creek, Neff's Canyon, Mt Olympus, Big Cottonwood, and Little Cottonwood, which is very exciting. :)

Week of 6-6-11:
Monday: 8 miles, AM, 1500' gain, Bonneville Shoreline from City Creek to about halfway to U of U and back
Tuesday: 8 miles, same
Wednesday: 7 miles, running in City Creek with Holly, 1000' gain
Thursday: Off
Friday: 9 miles, Mill Creek Canyon, Pipeline, Terraces, and Canyon road, 2500' gain
Saturday: 9 miles, Attempt to run Mill D North Fork, only got to Dog Lake before it got really annoying with deep snow, turned around, went up a ways near and around Donut Falls instead, another 3 miles with Jess in the PM, 1000' gain.
Sunday: Ear Infection was annoying :(
Weekly Total: 44 miles, 7500' gain. Wanted 50 and would've had over that without the ear infection. Still a build from before I guess.

Week of 6-13-11 (week was hampered by moving + ear infection)
Monday: 7 miles, running in City Creek, ear infection was annoying, tried to ignore it as best as possible, 1000' gain
Tuesday: 9 miles, with Holly, up to radio towers from City Creek base, back to partway between the peak and Bountiful, back. Holly was panting heavily but didn't seem to want to drink much from my hand on this day, so I've since then gotten a bottle that comes with a dish so she'll have something better to drink from. 2000' climb total
Wednesday: 8 miles, Road + Terraces + Pipeline in Mill Creek, 2500' gain
Thursday: Busy Moving
Friday: Busy Moving
Saturday: 7 miles, running in City Creek, 1000' gain
Sunday: Busy Moving
Total: 31 miles, 6500' gain, moving ruined it, plus the ear infection

Week of 6-20-11
Monday: From new home near the base of Olympus Cove on roads via a very roundabout way to Neff's Canyon (I didn't know exactly where it was), all the way up Neff's to one of the ridges at about 9000'. Took a couple "wrong turns" (I guess it's not really a wrong turn if it's an exploratory run) in the canyon since I wasn't exactly sure where to go and then had an almost equally roundabout way home (roughly 2.5 miles on the road both ways instead of a possible 1 to 1.5). 13 miles with about 4500' cumulative gain (4000' net between start and midpoint) and some ridiculous snow (last mile on the way up took over 45 minutes, literally crawling on my hands and knees in snow and mud to a peak on a rather steep route), so it actually took a hair over 3 hours. Kind of sad for 13 miles, but not as bad as it sounds given the terrain.
Tuesday: Too busy moving to run. :( Lame.
Wednesday: Up most of the way to the meadow in Neff's with Holly, 1800' climb, 5 miles
Thursday: Up to the meadow in Neff's, 2500' climb, 6 miles.
Friday: Busy finishing up the moving. Suckage.
Saturday: Neff's Canyon to Mill B pass (top of Big Cottonwood), 3600' net climb to midpoint since I started higher than my Monday run, maybe 4000' total with a bit of rolling. Went with Mark Lehmkuhle and a grad student from Denver named Douglas that he had just met. Douglas hadn't been training much lately, so we were a bit slow on the uphills, but it was still fun. The whole thing is supposed to be around 7.5 total to the pass, but there was no trail above the meadow due to snow and our route proved rather indirect. What was supposed to be .75 miles took about an hour, despite terrain that wasn't particularly steep. I didn't have my GPS, but I'd peg it around 9 miles total with all the weaving around above the meadow. I also happened to see a pretty big moose on this run, which was pretty cool.
Sunday: 3 1/2 hours of skiing in the morning tired me out, no running. Also, my dad was in town, so no time even if I wanted to.
Weekly Total: 33 miles, 13300' climb. Kind of a joke for mileage, but tons and tons of climb. Will have less distractions from getting in mileage in the future, which is good.

Mileage will definitely be in the 50s this week (especially with a 5-6 hour run planned for Saturday).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Training "for real"

I'm a few weeks late starting to post my weekly training updates. I haven't had any problems with the running, but I've had a few pretty busy weeks with grad school and other stuff, not to mention a nasty throat and stomach virus that took me out for about a week, so it took me a couple extra weeks to get back into things. I had a couple more non-serious-3-runs-a-week-25-mile-weeks, and then decided to get serious last week.

Knowing how dumb I can occasionally/always be, I decided it would be a great idea to run a 60km trail run off of absolutely no training, so that's how I started my training back. Since last July, my longest run has been 14 or 15 miles, so 37.2 wouldn't be bad, right?

Well, I started the week of Monday the 23rd by not running on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday, I did a nice run of about 90 minutes on trails that were way too steep for me to run at even a remotely respectable cadence, so it ended up being around 8 miles with Mark Lehmkuhle. On Thursday, I did a quick 5 miles with Holly (the 5 1/2 month puppy), her first run with me, and Mark. Holly did pretty well and actually pushed the pace until the last mile, when she started to get tired. I took Friday off running and drove up to Pocatello for the Pocatello "50k+", officially 36.2 miles, but the last 2 sections were even slightly longer still, so it was about 37.2. hah...

I had no intentions of running fast at Pocatello and didn't even commit to the race until something like 16 hours before it started, so after arriving at 10 PM the night before and sleeping in my car, I woke up, almost missed the start, and took off, immediately falling into a slow hike up the first climb of 2500' in 5 miles. Throughout the whole day, I wasted around 3 hours in aid stations, I walked every single uphill, and barely jogged the downhills and some of the flats (I still walked some). After having to go a fair amount off the course for a bathroom break at one of the aid stations, I'm officially giving myself 38 miles for the day. Those 38 miles, however, took around 11 hours, 4 hours slower than a 50 mile race that I completed despite breaking my foot, so it's not really anything to be proud of. haha... That being said, the course had 8000' of climb in 38 miles and roughly 75% of the course was either mud, snow, or a stream, so I'd imagine this effort would've correlated to a roughly 8 hour performance on a more standard road type course, to give it a little perspective. Still slow, but not mind-blowingly awful to the most extreme degree.

In any case, my serious lack of testicular fortitude on the course in terms of pushing myself led me to fully recover in under 24 hours, so after taking Sunday-Wednesday off to "play it safe" (ie, get a few more lazy days before really starting to hit the training), I started up training "for real".

After a ridiculously lopsided 51 mile last week, I ran Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday this week. On Thursday, I decided it was time to run fast, so I hammered 60 minutes of tempo on the Bonneville Shoreline trail with 1500' climb/1500' drop as hard as I could. I had to use every last ounce of strength to bring home the last few minutes, so this was about as legitimate a tempo run as one can do, effort wise. The distance was about 7.5 miles for this run.

On Friday, I decided I wanted another run up Grandeur Peak (I had had a crappy run there with Mark a couple weeks back). In any case, the snow still covered the top few hundred vertical feet rather heavily, so I ran 2500' of the 2800' of climb (about 3.25 miles from my car out on and a little up the canyon road), so I managed a whopping 6.5 miles on this run. That being said, the 2500' 3.25 mile climb was extremely difficult right now, especially considering that I ran the vast vast majority of it (other than a couple very difficult technical sections), so the way up was nearly as all out as the day before, and I consider this a great run. To give an idea for the difficulty this posed for me right now, I ran pretty close to as hard as I could the whole way up and the 6.5 mile round trip still took 78 minutes. Ouch.

On Saturday, a running buddy of mine, Adrian Shipley, was in town, so we did 15 miles together in and outside of City Creek in about 1:56. Adrian is a fair amount faster than me at shorter stuff even when I'm at peak fitness, so he definitely pushed me to this time (honestly would've been 2:10-2:15 for this particular course if I was running solo). Total climb and drop was close to 2k, so it was never particularly steep, but it was up or down at least a bit at all times.

As for tonight, I just ran an moderately easy 5 miles in 40 minutes with Holly. I would've liked to have run with her more since the first run, but she got spayed 5 days ago, so today was her first day back to activity. She was actually pretty hyper again ever since the day after the surgery, but we had to keep her pretty contained until today...

In any case, that makes the last 2 weeks 51 miles and 34 miles. For this coming week, I'm planning a more consistent 6 ish days of running with roughly 50 miles and I plan on building from there once my legs become comfortable with running everyday again.

Leadville is looking like something that I would be capable of in August, but, unfortunately, my PhD qualifying exam is 9 days afterwards, so I'll likely have to give up my spot despite probably being ready to at least bring it home under the cutoffs. Oh well, there's always a lot of other races to run now that I'm healthy and have things under control. :)