Thursday, February 16, 2012

Last few weeks

I had to take 2 more weeks in there to let a banged up foot heal up (could have cleared up faster if I more religiously followed my stretching plan from Pete Egoscue's 'Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion', which cleared it up within a couple days once I finally decided to use it and stick to it).

I did about 30-40 a week for the weeks of 1-23-12 and 1-30-12 and a 17 mile hard nearly tempo effort run near the beginning of the week of 1-23-12 is what seemed to flare the foot. Training seems negligible, but totals were about 70 between the 2 weeks.

Week of 2-6:
Monday: 6 miles, easy: 3 loops of Liberty Park plus an extra 2 miles.
Tuesday: 12 miles, 3500' gain, with Adrian Shipley. Up the west side of City Creek Canyon, over the ridgeline, down to the meadow that leads to eastern North Salt Lake, back up to the ridgeline north of the radio towers, in and around there, down capital hill, and back through a bit of roads.
Wednesday: 10 miles, 2000' gain: Lower Campus to JCC to 5-way and back.
Thursday: 4 miles: 5k on treadmill at 1% decline (to make up for altitude) in 17:24 (5:55, 5:35, 5:24, and last .1 in :30) plus cooldown.
Friday: 16 miles, 3500' gain: Lower Campus up to JCC, up dry creek to city creek along Bonneville Shoreline, and back, with Adrian Shipley.
Saturday: Skiing for a few hours, no running.
Sunday: 7 miles, 1000' gain, easy, City Creek Canyon.
Total: 55 miles, 9000' gain. A good bridge week to get me back to high mileage.

Current week of 1-13-12 is at 52 miles with 11000' climb after Mon-Thurs, so I'm off to a good start. Foot is finally good after a month or so of occasional mild irritation. It never really hurt too much and never was much of an injury per se, but I decided to be careful so as not to drag anything into a big training cycle.

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