Monday, March 19, 2012

Week of 3-12-2012: 102 miles, 10500' gain (almost entirely on Mon-Fri)

Monday: 19 miles, 3000' gain. JCC to City Creek, a couple miles up the canyon, and back down, back to JCC, with Adrian. 2:40-ish? I forget the exact time, but it was right around 2:40.

Tuesday: 13 miles, 2000' gain, 1:40-ish. JCC to the meadow above City Creek and back (didn't quite have time to get down to City Creek).

Wednesday: 12 miles, negligible gain, a few hundred feet tops, road loop in NSL / Woods Cross / Bountiful, 85 minutes. Started at about 8:00 pace, progressively picked it up until I ran the last few at a hair faster than 6:00 pace, felt great to be running fast at the end. Ran in my new New Balance MR00s (seem a bit more durable than the trail shoes).

Thursday: 28 miles, 5000' gain. 4:07. JCC to City Creek, all the way up the canyon (with a bit of trail mixed in at the beginning) + lots of deep and slushy snow up top, despite 70 degree temperatures (wouldn't have lasted much longer, but unfortunately it's started to cool back down and snowed again a bit...), back down the canyon, back to JCC. Stomach was upset all day from something I ate the night before, so I ate very little before the run and only had one bag of M&Ms during the run with water. Started to bonk with an hour to go, but toughed it out quite nicely.

Friday: 21 miles, 2:40-ish, roads, a few hundred gain, As far west as I could go in North Salt Lake on Center Street until the road turned, followed down south to North Temple St in Rose Park / West Valley quite a ways down south, turned east, followed to downtown, did a little downtown loop, back to 300 west, up 300 west to beck, back up beck street on the side of a 50mph road at 11pm on a friday night (hah... you can bet I was waaaaaaay off to the side), on the side mining road as soon as it started, and back up to Center Street. Pace was pretty moderate, but I picked it up at the end.

Saturday: 8 miles roads, very easy, with Holly. Somewhere around 70 minutes (didn't even wear a watch, just glanced at a clock when I started and when I finished). Taper officially started this day.

Sunday: Off.

Totals: 102 miles, 10500' gain. A little less gain this week so I could get 141 miles between last Saturday and this Friday (that 141 still had 20500' gain). Actually, after taking Sat/Sun so easy, I was left feeling quite good and like I should've pushed things for another 2 days rather than giving myself a full 7 day taper before this Saturday's race. I guess those last 2 days don't make a difference for Saturday though, so I'm not fretting it. I'm at 427 miles over the last month, so I think 2 easy days at the end of the month won't hurt me too much even in the long run. :)

This week I'm doing a lot less than the past 5 weeks, that is until Saturday. I found out that we'll have 75 degree temps during the race, so I'm doing a bit of sauna time everyday in hopes that it will slightly acclimate me (though I think my 28 mile day in 70 degree temps will the most helpful thing I'll have done).

Music for this week is Cynic. I can't possibly pick between their old (early 90's) and recent material, so I've selected something from both to showcase how adept they are at playing vastly different styles, yet still maintaining their own unique acid-trip/space-age/unbelievable sound:
The classic "metal"-ish record:

The latest record that is basically the same style as the old Cynic, minus the "metal" component, and therefore almost entirely undefinable:

The first song is from Focus, which is undoubtedly my favorite recording ever put together. If you can tolerate the metal vocals that are interspersed throughout it, I wholeheartedly recommend it. I've never heard anything else like it and I doubt I ever will.

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