Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week of 12-3-12: 81 miles, 6500' gain (Phoenix Marathon Training Week 2 of 14)

Monday: 10 miles, 71 minutes, 1000' gain, with Kevin Smith, a 15-mid 5k guy looking to run a 2:35 in the Spring, rather circuitous route from campus to Sugarhouse Park, around the outside, then down to Liberty Park, around that, then back up to campus.  Kevin had the route planned and I don't remember all of the turns, so I won't try to explain it any further.  Hah.  71 minutes on a course like this at our elevation would've been more like 65-66 at sea level, which makes me feel a little better about it.  My legs didn't feel all that great and I felt more taxed than I would've liked at the end, but in hindsight, the pace isn't really terrible.

Tuesday: 10 miles, 70:01, 500' gain.  Really didn't want to run and put it off until pretty late (8PM) as it was cold and drizzly outside.  Finally got out and was really glad that I did.  My place up to 89 all the way up through Bountiful up until 1000 north, over to Main Street, back until that links back next to 89, back along 89.  Mapmyrun puts it at 9.90, but my route is probably almost exactly 10.00 as I have to cut pretty far off the side of the road a handful of times to follow the sidewalk and avoid running in the road / getting hit, etc.  Took it out pretty easy and gradually sped it up a bit.  The only exact splits I paid attention to were the first and last 1.8.  The last was done in 11:56, which is about 6:13 pace, whereas my first 1.8 was 13:45, or 7:38 pace.  I wanted to pick it up more at the end, but Wednesday's upcoming workout kept me sensible.

Wednesday: 12 miles, treadmill, workout.  2 mile warmup in 14:0x, then 3x3 tempo workout w/ 2 minutes rest between, then 1 mile cooldown.  First interval directly out of the warmup in 17:27.  2 minute rest (1 minute treadmill off, 1 minute of letting treadmill slowly get up to speed so that it would hit .1 in 1 minute and I could run from .1 to 3.1 and not lose time due to waiting for the treadmill to speed up), 2nd in 17:11, 2 min rest, same way, 3rd in 16:55.  First and second were too easy for a tempo workout.  I think ideal would've been about 17 flat for all 3.  This is of course on a treadmill and I just ran it at flat, but given that I'm at altitude (just under 5000' for this workout), it may be close to accurate for sea level.  We'll see when I'm back home in MN in a few weeks (assuming the track in my home town is useable, ie that it isn't covered with ice).  Was disappointed that I didn't push myself harder, but I did wake up moderately sore the next day, so it must have been still decent for me.

Thursday: 12 total, 1:35.  AM: 5 miles, flat, NSL loop with Holly, :41.  Sore from the previous day's workout, right hip annoyingly was a little sore again (almost moderately sore, tbh).  It never seems to be much of a legitimate issue anymore, but annoyingly, I occasionally still feel it.
PM: 7 miles, 2000' gain starting at like 10:30 PM.  Absurdly hilly road/golf 6 mile course loop from NSL up and through southern Bountiful, around the outside of the course, and then through about half of its holes before coming back down, in 46:0x (ie a pretty moderate effort, would be 40:00 or so on flat), then 1 more mile of jogging with Holly near my apt.  Oh, and I had taken an ibuprofen an hour before the PM run, so that likely helped, but my hip was 100% fine.  Weird.

Friday: 12 miles, 1:44, 2500' gain.  All the way up to the Eaglewood Golf Course, around the entire 18 holes + practice hole + a decent bit of doubling back when I made a wrong turn, then back down, with Holly, plus up to the corner store and back.  Good night time run, but pretty cold out for just wearing shorts/t-shirt/windbreaker (39 degrees at finish and pretty windy, giving a windchill of 33 down at the start/finish, probably more like 28-30 up on top of the hill with much more open wind and another 1000' of altitude).

Saturday: 18 miles, 1:57:xx, 500' gain.  Down in Provo with a big group.  Ran pretty close to step for step with Kevin Smith, except that I did an extra half mile at the beginning to round it up, while he did his at the end.  First 5 were out on the Toe Path with a huge group at about 6:48 pace, next 5 were back at about 6:00 pace.  2 minute break for gels/water/etc, then up towards Provo Canyon (nice gradual 2% incline).  3.75 out that way, then back down, another 50 minutes for that 7.5, averaged out to basically 6:30 even pace.  My marathon PR pace is 6:36s at very close to sea level (maybe 800') and this run was roughly equally hilly, so this was a very good sign for me.

Sunday: 7 miles, Flat, 0:54. AM: 2 miles, 15 minutes, just up to Orchard and out a very brief bit before turning around.  Got 1 mile in with Holly and she started having some relatively distressing GI issues, so I turned around, ran home, and took her to the vet.  She is going to be fine, $100+antibiotics later...  PM: 5 miles, 39 minutes, Center to Legacy Parkway Trail, up that to the bridge on the Spectrum Academy Turkey Trot Course, back on the path to Redwood, down Redwood, and back up Center.

Totals: 81 miles, 6500' gain.  A great second week of marathon training.  The higher effort runs (Wednesday and Saturday) were extremely encouraging.  Holly's mileage for the week was 24 miles.  Not bad for a dog and I wonder if, since 1 human year is equal to 7 dog years, maybe 24 human miles is equal to 168 dog miles?  Next week should be pretty similar in mileage, perhaps slightly higher.  We'll see.

Music for the week is Ravel's Rapsodie Espagnole...  I saw this live last night and it definitely the best work of the night.  Too bad I was outrageously exhausted and barely able to stay awake after not sleeping enough and then running and relatively hard 18 miles... Hah...

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