Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week of 12-10-12: 82 miles, 3000' gain (Phoenix Marathon Training Week 3 of 14)

Monday: 10 miles, 500' gain, 68:21.  Nice steady state effort, ie harder than easy, easier than marathon, and felt nice and relaxed.  Up Center to 89, up to 10th North in Bountiful, over to Main, back on Main to the diagonal meetup with 89, and back on 89 to Center.  Felt like I was going to freeze to death at the start, despite leggings, thick socks, thick gloves, neckwarmer, wool/acrylic hat, flannel shirt, sweatshirt, and windbreaker, but was sweating buckets by the end.  It was 29 degrees at the end, but I swear it must have been colder at the start.  Given that I started at 7:xx and finished 8:xx, this seems unlikely, but who knows.

Tuesday: 18 mile wave workout, 1:52:57.  Alternated "hard" miles in 6:00 with "easy" miles (ranging from 6:31 to 6:35, averaging 6:33), treadmill, flat because a flat treadmill at 5000' is a couple seconds per mile slower than flat at sea level still, supposedly at least, for long aerobic runs like this.  Seems reasonable.  Odd miles were "easy", even miles were "hard", no rest, other than a few seconds to reset the treadmill after 10 miles (62:xx, treadmill only goes up to 65 minutes max).  Miles 14, 16, and 18 were really hard.  Oddly, 14 seemed slightly harder than 16, but 18 blew both of them out of the water in terms of difficulty and I struggled mightily.  This is too hard of a workout to do on a weekly basis (note that when I did 18 of this in the past, I alternated 6:00 with 7:00, not 6:00 with 6:33, so this was substantially harder, especially when trying to recover my legs on the latter easy miles).

Wednesday: 12 miles, 500' gain, 1:28 starting at 10:30 PM (way too late... haha...)  My place up Center to 89, up 89 to the diagonal with Main, up Main into Centerville, west to 200W, back to Bountiful, back west to 89, and back.  Actually, this route would be a little less than 12 (more like 11.25), but I started out the run, got a couple minutes in, and realized I had an annoyingly large set of keys in my jacket pocket, so I turned around, got rid of them, and started over.  Stopped at about 8 miles at a surprisingly nice McDonald's restroom and just really didn't want to finish the run, partially due to fatigue brought on by it being 11:30 PM, and partially due to tired legs after yesterday's very hard effort.  Haha.  Note to self: 12 miles is not a recovery run.  With that in mind, tonight's run took some mental toughness, so I'm glad that I did what I did.

Thursday: 7 miles of NSL/Bountiful/Woods Cross, 500' gain.  Had no specific aim given that I had been extremely busy with work all day and didn't run until 11:30 PM, just wanted to get in whatever I could before falling asleep on my feet.  Decided to have some fun, through in some surges for no particular reason, and absolutely all out sprinted the last 200 m on a slight decline.  I was wearing some new Saucony A5s that I just got in the mail earlier today and they're a bit more cushioned than I'm used to, so I felt like I was running on clouds while sprinting.  Haha.  Not really the most productive run fitness-wise and kind of a waste of a day, but it was a fun, and that counts for something.

Friday: 5 very easy, in the rain with Holly, the pooch, literally about 9:00 pace.  Running circles at Hatch Park.  Extremely boring.

Saturday: 20 miles (actually 20.25) in 2:21 total time.  Hilly east bench route (1000' according to someone's garmin) with tons of snow and slush, plus some snow coming down. Effort ranging from easy to slightly harder than marathon effort.  With Kevin, Jake, Fritz, etc, group of 7 guys.  I only ate a banana before hand, mostly because I slept in until 45 minutes before the run and didn't have a chance.  I brought 2 gels, but should've had 3, so around mile 12 or 13, I was bonking a bit and told the group to take off so I could get in my own zone.  I took my 2nd gel right around then and it kicked in, so after almost immediately losing a minute on the group, I caught a nice surge on 2700 east, which carried until I had to run back up 4500 south to Wasatch.  Spotted the group about 2 minutes ahead on this part and apparently they picked it up on Wasatch a little bit with a sub-6 mile near the end, so I finished 3 minutes behind, 1 minute accounting for each of those things, but similar pace otherwise.  Once I was in my own zone, everything was OK, but I just had a bit of a mental game of trying to hang on the group when they were running ever so slightly faster than I wanted to do.  Overall, a good run.

Sunday: 10 miles (actually 9.8x), 500' gain, 72 minutes, with 6 or so others from Fast Running Blog starting and finishing at Highland High, looping South and East of there.  Yesterday's 20.25 got logged as 20, so today's 9.8 seems fair as 10. :)

Totals: 82 miles, 3000' gain.  Only 1 mile more than last week, but I'll take it.  I was beat up from Tuesday's hard run for a couple days afterwards.  My hip wasn't really painful at all over the week, but I could "feel" it, if that makes sense.  Fortunately, I'm seeing a sports MD on Wednesday and a PT the  week after that when back in MN.  It hasn't gotten worse and has been at 99%  for 4 months now, so I'm not concerned about it interrupting my ability to train hard for Phoenix, but I just don't want to have to think about it.

Music for the week is a pretty cool supergroup called TRAM, who features guitarists from Animals as Leaders, the ex-saxaphonist from Mars Volta, and the drummer from Suicidal Tendencies, playing a unique blend of fusion rock:

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