Sunday, June 24, 2012

Training again after Old Dominion

First point of interest is something that I just found out about my Old Dominion 100 performance 3 weeks ago.  Apparently I closed the last 9.5 miles a full 8 minutes faster than any other runner in the race, so apparently I wasn't joking when I said I had a lot left in the tank.  Also, this does not factor the fact that I spent 6 minutes at the aid station at 90.5 where this timer started, so depending on what the other fast closers did, I could have been as much as 14 minutes faster than anyone else over the last 9.5 miles.  This definitely gives me confidence about the fact that I was being conservative at Old Dominion and that I should be able to run pretty quick for 100 miles if I give things a truly hard effort next time out.  We'll see I guess...

Week of 6-4-2012: Off, except Sunday the 10th, 8 days after my 100, when I ran a 12 mile, 4000' gain loop between Alta, Solitude, Brighton, and Alta, and ripped up half of my left butt cheek with a fall in Alta:
Total: 12 miles, 4000' gain.  Should've taken the full week off as I originally planned, but the high country was ever so inviting...

Week of 6-11-2012: Learned my lesson and took another few days off.
Monday: Off.
Tuesday: Off.
Wednesday: 8 miles, 3000' gain, Most of the climb up to Sessions Peak and back with Adrian.
Thursday: Off
Friday: 6 miles, roads, easy.
Saturday: 11 miles, Up Peruvian Gulch to Hidden Peak, back down Gad Valley, and back over to Peruvian, with Mark.  Not the most direct route up, so it took 65 min up.  Downhill was pretty technical in spots, so total roundtrip was 1:48 or something like that, 3500' total gain with slight rolls in a couple spots.
Sunday: Off
Total: 25 miles, 6500' gain.  Basically, not much at all.  Originally, I said I'd probably do 0 miles in the 2 weeks after Old Dominion, but I felt fine, so I just did a light week, which was OK.

Monday: 7 miles, 42:30, no gain, NSL roads loop.  Way too hard for just coming back, but I got carried away on the roads.
Tuesday: 10 miles, 63:xx, no gain, roads.  Once again, was stupid.  NSL + Rose Park loop.
Wednesday: 2 miles, light jog with Holly while having the ignition replaced in my car.  Got chased by a stray dog, who was angry with Holly after she jumped around wildly while greeting it (it was an old dog that apparently didn't like younger pups).
Thursday: 8 miles, 2000' gain.  City Creek up to a short ways along the ridgeline above Shoreline Trail, following the route of the Wahsatch Steeplechase (with Adrian, who was running the Steeplechase on Saturday).
Friday: 20 miles, 6000' gain.  Terraces, up Bowman Fork, peaked out at just under 10k' in the top of Mill A Basin, just below Gobblers Knob, ran the rolling and technical Desolation Trail from there to Dog Lake, then down to Big Water, and back down the road.  Ran a bit too hard compared to what I should've done, which was a pattern this week for 3 of the 5 runs I did by myself (and that's counting a 2 mile jog as a run).  Need to cut that out next week.
Saturday: Off.
Sunday: 9 miles, 2500' gain, 88 minutes, holbrook canyon + a massively steep off trail hike right at the turn-around of nearly 1000' vertical in .25 miles.  Not a typo...  This was at 70% grade and I was scrambling using my hands for a lot of it... Figured it would be some good Speedgoat style training for the climb out of Mineral Basin, which isn't quite this steep, but peaks at 11000'... moderate pace up, moderate pace down, but worked as hard as I possibly could on the climb, which was extremely difficult.
Total: 56 miles, 10500' gain.  I was shooting for 50-60 miles in my first semi-real week of training, so I would say I did what I wanted pretty well, other than going pretty hard a few days when I wasn't planning to go hard at all this week.  Granted, I had a very time consuming Neural Interfaces Conference from Monday to Wednesday, so I had to cram my runs into short time periods.

Next week, at least 70 and possibly a decent amount more, but I'm really going off of feel right now, so it's hard to predict.  If I can manage 100+ this coming week without being sore, that would be ideal so that I can do 2 solid 100+ weeks before taking a lighter 80-ish mile week prior to pacing at Badwater.  In terms of more moderate term, I obviously need to have very strong climbing legs in order to run a decent time at Speedgoat 50k in late-July, so I'll be working a lot of climb in.

Music for the week:
Good old 1993 tech-metal...  So classic...

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