Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week of 7-4-11

7-4-11: Skiing at Snowbird for the 4th of July, no running. :)

7-5-11: 11 miles, Pipeline with Mark, 1000' gain

7-6-11: 5 miles, Upper Big Water with Jess and Holly, did an extra mile by myself at the end while Jess and Holly waited for Jess's parents to get back from their hike (happened to see their car at the top), 1000' gain

7-7-11: 12 miles with Mark, Upper Big Water to Desolation Lake and back, really good run, 1:56 for a quite difficult, technical and mountainous run, ran quite hard and didn't walk a single step, despite really wanting to (especially coming back up Mill D to Dog Lake on the way back), 4000' gain

7-8-11: 7 miles, St George with Matt Taylor, 1000' gain

7-9-11: Off, helping Ben prep for Badwater

7-10-11: Off, helping Ben prep for Badwater

Total: 35, 7000' gain, easy week. haha...

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