Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week of 7-11-11

7-11: 34 miles of pacing at badwater, most of it was stovepipe wells to panamint springs, 5000' gain

7-12: 18 miles of pacing at badwater, mostly a good chunk starting around mile 100, ben finished in 41:14, no significant gain

7-13: off, after race

7-14: 5 miles, rattlesnake plus pipeline with holly, 1000' gain

7-15: 4 miles, very difficult climb most of the way up gobbler's knob from alexander basin with holly, stopped when we hit snow, which she's not good in. Hahaha... 2000' gain

7-16: off, saving for Sunday :)

7-17: 19 miles with mark, very hot and arduous run, big water to dog lake, almost down to big cottonwood fork on butler fork, up mill a fork (this climb suuuuucked, though we ran into some other dudes training for speedgoat 50k and ran it with them), west on desolation trail up to raimond/gobbler's knob saddle, back on deso trail to dog lake, back to big water, parked a half mile out from trail due to crowding, so first and last half mile was road. 6000' gain. 3:45 of a bit of easy trails and a ton of technical trail, was hot but I survived on 20 oz water and 380 calories.

Total: 80 miles and 14000' gain. Now that's what I'm talking about. :)

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  1. Great news Collin, an 80 mile week with that much climbing is no joke. Glad to see you working back the smart way!