Monday, February 16, 2009

Training for Weeks of 2-2-09 and 2-9-09

I don't really feel like writing a lot more, so I'm not going to post much about many of these runs.

Week of 2-2-09
Monday: 4 miles, very easy
Tuesday: 5 miles, very easy
Wednesday: 2 miles, very easy
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: 100 miles, Rocky Raccoon 100 mile Endurance Run, see last post for report
Sunday: rest after finishing race at 4:57 AM and only sleeping for 10 minutes
Total: 111 miles

Week of 2-9-09
Monday: 7 miles, VERY easy, took about an hour
Tuesday: 11 miles, long druid hills loop plus to from and around campus, not super fast, but not terribly slow, a bit under 7 minutes a mile
Wednesday: 5 miles, sort of an illegitimate run... I ran back home from dinner with people from the Cellular and Molecular Medicine PhD program at the JHU School of Medicine since I didn't feel like waiting around for a shuttle. Unfortunately, I was wearing slim-fit jeans and Sperry dock/boat shoes with no arch, so it was a bit uncomfortable, but whatever..., didn't time
Thursday: 7 miles, druid hills, high 6's per mile
Friday: 0 miles, didn't have time to run
Saturday: 39 miles, ran from my house to the edge of DC, took a train back, and then ran home from Penn Station, a total of about 5 1/2 hours running, so it was a reasonable pace for the distance.
Sunday: 8 miles, tempo work around druid hills, back to campus, and then back home, VERY fast for the distance, mid 5's per mile.
Total: 78 miles, a great week after coming off a 100 mile race...

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