Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week of 4-2-12: 112 miles, 20,000' gain.

Monday: 11 miles, 3500' climb, 2:27, from JCC, most of the way up Dry Creek, up the creek bed trail at the switchback, straight up to the ridgeline, to the right, along the trail up Little Black Mountain, back along the ridgeline a little bit (slowed significantly by snow at this point), and back, with Adrian.

Tuesday: 16 miles, 4000' climb, 2:15, from JCC up to the ridgline to Little Black Mountain, to the left, following the hilly trail above Bonneville Shoreline on the ridgeline, down to the 5-way, right and a bit of a circuitous route down from there, down to city creek, back the normal way, with Adrian.

Wednesday: 19 miles, 4000' climb, 3:45. Starting from the parking lot near the gated off upper half of Mill Creek Canyon, up the road (covered in a lot of snow from Elbow Fork still, so very slow), up to Big Water, followed Old Red Pine Road Trail (also called Old Mill Creek Road Trail, I believe) all the way to the top at the meadow (actually had a few snow free regions of gorgeous trail above 8000'!!!), and then straight up the side of a mountain to the highest point on the ridgeline on the north-east side of upper Mill Creek around 9800'. Slipped on the super slick surfaces, fell, and hit the back of my head on a rock pretty hard coming down this mountain, which wasn't pleasant. Probably should've remembered to bring my trail shoes so I didn't have to wear my road flats. Haha... Everything was super slow due to the snow and I beat the crap out of my legs falling in past knee deep when the top crust broke approximately several hundred times. Painful, but fun.

Thursday: 15 miles, road tempo, 500' gain (close to 80% in the last 5 miles), 1:40. Started off relatively conservatively, but picked it up the whole time. Last 5 miles were done in 29:50, which felt fast on a rolling but net several hundred foot uphill.

Friday: 6 miles, 42 minutes, no gain'. Mostly low-mid 7 pace, on a treadmill, set to a 3% decline to make it very easy to run at a moderately brisk pace, but picked it up a lot in the last mile. Didn't pay very close of attention to splits, so I'm not sure how fast the last one was, but I ranged from 10 to 14.5 mph over the last mile, so probably in the low 5's.

Saturday: 42 miles, 8000' gain, 6:08. City Creek to U of U hospital on shoreline, and back, then a few minutes for bathroom break and to reload and eat chips and drink a bunch of mountain dew and sprite. Next up, outside the bottom of city creek, up the canyon, taking the longest trail route possible until having to take the road for the top couple miles (no trail in the top of the canyon), and back, then a few minutes for more chips, sprite and mountain dew, and to reload. Finally, a little outside the bottom of city creek, back up the canyon a mile on trails, up the longest route to the radio towers, up and over, back to bountiful, and back. Total consumption during the run was 40 oz of Sprite, 30 oz of Mountain dew, 100 oz of water, ~200 calories of tortilla chips, ~500 calories of reese's pieces eggs, 2 reese's peanut butter cup eggs. Not a ton of food and was hungry afterwards, but it felt ok during the run. No real problems during the run except that I had to make a bathroom stop at both of my between-leg quick-stops. The first leg was extremely muddy from the unexpected snowfall a few days ago, but the rest was relatively clear. Not all that sore afterwards.

Sunday: 3 miles, no gain, :30. Barefoot easy running of lots of loops in the grass at the park across from my apartment.

Total: 112 miles, 20,000' gain.

Overall, a solid week. I feel good today on Sunday and having a restful day should have me recovered from yesterday's outing and ready to do it all over again next week.

Running totals, which I'm going to keep track of from now through the racing season:
8 week running total (this includes a bridge week of 76 on week 1, as well as a recovery week of 31 for week 7): 708 miles, 116,000' climb.
6 of last 7 weeks running total (not including the recovery week): 601 miles, 92500' climb.

Music for the week is Dream Theater's Bridges in the Sky, the standout track from their latest release. I listened to this album plus two others of their's during my long run yesterday and this band is always on my iPod during 50+ mile races. I love the line in this song at nearly 7:00 into the song, "Crossing bridges in the sky on a journey to renew my life." I remember listening to this right after it came out while running a ridgeline at 10,000' (while running across "bridges in the sky" as literally as possible) last fall while I was just beginning to renew my own life after a year off of running due to serious illness and it has stuck with me ever since. The intro is kind of annoying, but the real song starts about 1:35 in:

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