Monday, August 8, 2011

A down week: Week of 8-1-11

Mon-Wed: Off. Took some time to relax before I really start building up my fitness again for real.

Thursday: 2 mile warmup, 2x5k on a hilly and technical section of Pipeline at 6000', 2 mile cooldown. I worked these quite hard, but unfortunately, I hit my foot rather hard on a sharp portruding rock (the one downside to running pretty exclusively in the New Balance Minimus) and developed a painful bruise for 2 days, 1000' gain.

Friday-Sat: Foot hurt, off.

Sun: Foot still annoying, but wasn't getting worse with use, so I did 17 miles with Adrian Shipley with 7000'+ climb between 8500' and 11100'. Started in town of Alta and climbed Grizzly Gulch from 8500' to 10050' Twin Lakes Pass, descending to the Twin Lakes Reservoir:

Next dropped down into the "town" of Brighton (8700') via a rather convoluted route and took the trail up to Lake Mary:

Next, went up to Catherine's Pass (10300') above Catherine Lake (with less snow than pictured here):

Next, followed the trail down into Upper Albion Basin (9200') and ran through Devil's Castle (9900'), in the background of this image:

Dropped back into Upper Albion Basin's main road area, then followed a trail up to Cecret Lake:

Came out the backside and followed the main trail up to Germania Pass (10400'), followed by Sugarloaf Pass (10550'), and then up to Mt Baldy (11100', shown here is the ridgeline we 'ran' on to come down into Snowbird. Yup, it's technical):

Dropped down Peruvian Gulch:

Followed this all the way down to the bottom of the gulch and then took a combination of access roads and short trails back to my car at Alta. All of these big climbs, combined with some rolling, added to 7000' of climbing. Maybe next time I'll just tack on a little more in Mineral Basin/American Fork and make it my own personal even better version of Speedgoat. hah...

Weekly total: an easy 27 miles with 8000' climb. I guess this helped rest me up for a good week starting today.

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