Friday, July 17, 2009

Week of 7-6-2009 training, new gear

7-6-2009 was mostly about recovery. I kept it super light so I'd feel fresh and be able to run a lot with my runner at Badwater (will have a separate post about this).

Monday 7-6: 8.1 trails, with Garmin, 7:41/mile, 1716' of gain

Tuesday 7-7: 10 miles: 1.5 warmup, 1.5 cooldown, 3,2,2 on 0,20,35 minute in 17:05, 11:19,11:12. Was sore, so only did this instead of 3x3, felt ok, but not as strong as I could've been.

Wednesday 7-8: 8.3 miles: 1:06:30, 1683' gain/loss, ave hr 156 (around 160 once i settled in), max HR 177, hit several times, about 8:00/mile, not terribly easy or hard, max grade of 60%, min elevation about 4800, max about 5900

Thursday 7-9: 4.6 miles: did 3.1 fast on trails in 19:20 with 700' of gain, felt like garbage, right leg felt super shot, jogged in last 1.5

Friday: 9 miles: Garmin was charging, slightly longer version of wednesday's run, only slower, took SUPER easy, right leg still sore.

Saturday: fly out to Badwater, nothing, needed rest.

Sunday: rest.

Total: Only 40!!!! Shortest week I've had in a long time, glad I kept it there though because I'm 5 days through the upcoming week as of posting this and will probably be hitting an all-time mileage high this week!

New Gear:

1. Saucony Fastwitch 3s: First off, replaced my Saucony Fastwitch 3s after having my last pair for maybe 2 months. They get destroyed fast, but I still love them so I bought my 5th straight pair, which Wasatch Running Center gave me for $68, a pretty solid price. I can't believe how much better it feels to be in new shoes.

2. Injinji micro-socks: Only used them once so far, but these seem like the answer to bad blisters between toes. I actually have one right now from Badwater pacing, but running with these today made everything feel great!

3. Princeton Tec Apex Pro: Scored this for $53 new on eBay, normally a fair amount more. 80 lumens at max setting, previous headlamp was the lowest-end 15 lumen petzl, which was the sorriest excuse for a headlamp I've ever seen. This one is much much better and while the 80 lumen setting uses a halogen lamp that burns out the batteries in a few hours, the brighter of the 2 LED settings is still incredibly bright (such that if you look at the lamp straight on, you can't see well for about 10 minutes. Trust me, I tried it. haha...) I took this out for the first time for my 2nd of 2 10 milers today, tonight around 9:30 or 10:00, in total darkness, and I absolutely loved it. I flipped on the halogen on the most technical rocky sections on the trail, but the LED settings were totally adequate for everything else (would've been for the bad sections too, but if I've got a halogen, I'm going to take advantage ot it). I remember having blown $30 on that Petzl headlamp, so if you can afford to not be a total cheapo, but don't want to drop $200-$450 on the top of the line stuff like the Petzl Ultra or Duo, this is a great buy. In fact, I briefly used a $200 Petzl Duo at Badwater and I actually think this Princeton Tec is brighter and better.

I'll post about Badwater tomorrow or sometime soon when I'm not exhausted and wanting to sleep.

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